Circle/Vault Update

We’ve completed production on our feature film “Circle.”  We’re going to write a big recap soon, it’s been a crazy couple of months.  A lot of very hard work.  Pretty exhausted still.

We didn’t want to give Vault lesser treatment during production and end it poorly, so we decided the best move was to focus on the film and return to Vault when we could devote more attention to it.  We know that was the best move ultimately, so that’s what we did.  Excited to get back to it.

Will write more soon, thanks!


"My weakness, and why it’s good…"

An important line from Episode 15 of “The Vault.”  Hopefully you’ve seen it already, if not watch it here first:

What does it mean exactly?  Well to me it means, a perceived flaw that ends up helping you in some way.  I won’t spell out the meaning of “The Vault” for you, I’m not sure that’s my place, but the last episode really gives you something to think about if you’ve been paying attention.

My weakness is that I believe anything is possible.  Some people would call me delusional.

Like for example, I believed two guys in a living room with no money could make the best web series.  I believed that WITHOUT A DOUBT.  If I didn’t think that way, if I wasn’t “delusional,” then something like this never happens:

It happened BECAUSE I was delusional enough to think it could happen.

Let me tell you how I feel today, at this very moment.  I want to tell you because it’s exciting if you like us and what we do.  If you want to see more from us, you will be pleased to know the following:

I’m REALLY delusional.  I believe ANYTHING is possible.


You’ve heard the saying, “Always aim for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars?”  Well, just know that when I take aim next, I’m aiming at the moon, and I fully expect to hit it.  Without a doubt.

And I just might.




We’ve crossed the 1 million view mark!

We never take views for granted.  Our show is an original series that no one finds by accident.  We earn those views, and for a little show made by two guys in a 6x6 box to be watched a million times is something to be proud of.

Also hit 20k YouTube subscribers and 6,500 Facebook fans.

As we’ve said before, we have no idea what the ceiling is.  We do think it’s a lot higher. 10 million views?  Maybe it will happen down the road, maybe it won’t.  The important thing is we’re really proud of the product we’ve put together.

We’d really like 10 million views though :-)